The Class

There’s this movement class in NYC called The Class. I know, the name makes it sound a little snooty. But hear me out. So what is it? It’s a cathartic movement practice.

At a friend’s suggestion, I decided to go because she said that there is just something about it. It is an entirely different kind of class on its own. There was shouting, inspirational talk, and movement. My mindset at the time was that I was not working out at all and I was definitely feeling the blues from the lack of body movement. It is a great relief after or before work to either set you up powerfully for your day or to help release any caca vibes experienced throughout the day at the end of the day.

It’s the best and cheapest therapy session that I ever paid for and better than any drink you’d have. Because let’s be honest, throughout the day most of us are concealing our emotions and then taking it home with us where it festers even more. These toxic emotions stick with you and eventually will make you sick. This movement practice helps release that tension in your body so that one feels stronger when they leave and a readiness to take on the world. I should know, I got addicted to it from just one class. I always feel stronger after it. I went consistently three times a week for two years. I released and felt my feels so much. I am an entirely new person. This class goes really well with any kind of therapy. It was actually a really nice replacement for traditional therapy, which was what I was seeking out when I heard about The Class. Needless to say, finding a good therapist in Manhattan is like finding a needle in a haystack and all of them have little to no availability. What’s the real question we should be asking? Why is there a therapist shortage or is there a sharp increase in demand for therapy? I got turned down from ten therapist in a week.

In The Class, I was able to do all the things I would’ve done in a traditional therapy session. I processed my feelings, cried, shouted, moved it through, and TONED my bum. Something to check out. You know where to find me ;).

Expanding through Cranial Sacral Therapy with Sarah

Let’s see. What led me to cranial sacral therapy? I have always had a lot of issues with my teeth. Cavities and such. Part due to genetics and the other part is due to what I now come to know TMJ. This is where your jaw, molars, or ear area is in pain or tender throughout the day from clenching and or grinding your teeth during the day and night. My teeth were sensitive to just chewing and it was uneasy to open or close my mouth. A common symptom of having a job these days where your every move and appearance is under constant scrutiny. The hustling always shows up.

I came to my nerdy dentist, Dr. Chang, in late 2016. She was the one that told me I had TMJ. She told me that there is no cure for this but it is due to the stress of adulting. A lot of dentists don’t know this yet but my dentist has the hots for teeth so she noticed because she could see the fractures in my teeth with her camera. Yes, this woman takes portraits of my teeth every six months and then showed my fractures and distortion of my fillings on my molars. I really didn’t notice the tension in my jaw until she pointed it out to me. Then she asked me to move my jaw up and down and notice how it felt. That was the first time I heard the clicking in my jaw when I opened and closed my mouth. She gave me a night guard to help but there’s really not much to do except bringing more awareness to it. Then she mentioned, it’s a shot in the dark but you can try cranial sacral therapy and admitted that she doesn’t know much about it.

It’s a type of bodywork that relieves compression in the bones of the head, sacrum (a triangular bone in the lower back), and spinal column by connecting with the cerebrospinal fluid. Cranial is noninvasive. It uses gentle pressure on the body with hands. It can, help to treat a number of conditions. It’s thought that through the gentle touch of the bones in the skull, spine, and pelvis, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system can be normalized. This removes “blockages” from the normal flow, which encourages the body’s natural ability to heal. So basically, bringing more awareness into the different parts of your body. I was willing to give it a shot. I want to keep all my teeth after all.

And so the search began for my magical therapist! I read what was available online but for me the practitioner is always more important. I actually went to take care for a micro current facial with Sarah, from Take Care Body NYC, first and found out she was also a sacral cranial therapist. Because I loved my facial with her and her loving vibe so much, I scheduled a therapy session with her. Plus, the tip was already in the price. So one less thing to worry about.

The 4 sessions. I laid on a massage table face up. She started at my feet. The moment she touched my feet. I felt electricity going up my legs. Like wowza! I used my breath to stay with it. This was consistent in all the sessions I had with her. The first session, I didn’t feel much besides that even though she touched other areas of my body. We chatted after, and she asked me what I felt and she shared that she couldn’t really touch my body because my body wanted to expand. She recommended that I came back to do some more sessions with her and that she normally wouldn’t suggest that but it was because I was “expanding”. I took it as I was getting bigger. She also showed me a skull and said some stuff about it, which demonstrated how into it she was. So nice to see someone into what they are doing! After my first session, I just slept so well that night and much more relaxed. The next times I came to her, she commented that she could feel my body shifting in circular motions and such. I didn’t feel this but I just listened to her experience with an open mind. I did notice a pulling between my heart and jaw when she put her hands on my heart area. Something happened. I just don’t know what because when I went to my job, my supervisor commented that something is different about me–that I wasn’t the same person that I was two weeks ago. The final time I saw her, when she was at my sacrum, I could feel electricity and then my hips got heavy and landed even though neither of us moved. I saw a blue sky surrounded by red smoke and my intuitive healer standing over it.

I obviously do not possess a lot of body awareness. But this was worth it for me as I did end up developing more awareness of my jaw but I know the work is ultimately up to me. She can only guide my attention to it or wherever my body wants her to direct it towards. Not only did it bring awareness to my body but to some of my the dynamics in my life that I was playing out at work that I didn’t like and I just stopped putting up with it, which made some of my co-workers very unhappy because I took the reins and there was nothing that they could do about it. My advice is just to show up and be there and notice what happens in the next fews days. Always here to listen. – Jem