Mama Medicine – The First Encounter

I didn’t know who Mama Medicine was or what she did. But I had been going to The Class by Taryn Toomey for quite a while now and they were doing a workshop with her so I innately trusted her.

My pull to her was strong and unjustified. I didn’t have any expectations. I didn’t grow up being part of any spiritual or religious practices or having it forced on me. I’m just your average woman (one of the few) working 40-60 hour weeks in finance investment sector, where a lunch break is unobserved and people only primarily communicate through emails with unlimited snacks because unending work has driven us all mad and we can’t take time for anything personal in the name of efficiency, our bonuses, and getting things done without understanding why. I obviously needed a change. If I can’t verify something, or it’s not in an email–I don’t believe it. I did have a brief Jesus phase in my late teens. I couldn’t meet her when she was there but I decided to treat myself to one of her Medicine Readings in December of 2017 with my finance money. When I first entered she was so welcoming with a huge smile on her face and putting her daughter down for a nap. I felt uneasy by how welcoming she was. Only being in corporate settings for years, the display of emotion was disturbing to me. We stepped into her medicine room and she asked me to ask her questions. I didn’t come prepared and I didn’t know what to ask. I’ve never had an intuitive reading of anytime. So, She just started talking. First thing she said to me was why is your sacral chakra so blocked. Mama, say what? Is chakra a kind of chocolate or was she talking about my poop hole? Then she asked me if I was in my Saturn return. No idea what that is either. She patiently gave me the gist of what it was and then went you might have a more satisfying career with your husband but I don’t want to focus on the future. Let’s just work on the blocks first. No, I didn’t realize she was the aura color reading lady so I didn’t ask what color mine was and she didn’t tell me what mine was. I imagine mine was red though from what I know from her.

As I laid on the treatment table, she instructed me to start breathing in a particular way. She began to sing and ignite scents. She hovered her hand over my sacral area and I felt this immense pressure. It was so bad that I was so scared that I was going to poop all over her pretty white sheets. I didn’t know what was appropriate in this situation. Do I stop her singing and I excuse myself? But she was so in it. I really felt like I was going to poop but then I relaxed and thought she knows what she got herself into. If it happens, it happens. We’ll just have to clean up later. Then it was over and she asked me if I wanted to share my experience with her and if I had any final questions. She sent me off into the world with a personal bath prescription which included ingredients such as crystals, plants, and oils. I definitely left calmer and stronger after our meeting.

Final words. It was a healing experience. I felt very welcomed and she was fully present the entire time. She honored where I was at in my journey and met me there. What she did and said stayed with me for a while. She didn’t try to get me to book more sessions with her. She has a very warm yet strong presence. What do you all think? Has anyone else had a session with her? Love to connect about it. Is there someone else that you would love to hear about a session with? All My Love – Jem.

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